DBPR waived renewal fee this year? No, you will need to pay a renew fee along with completing your continuing education.

How do I print my license? You have to create a DBPR account at myfloridalicense.com and link your license to it. Once renewed, DBPR will send your license to the email you used.

Do I have to print the license in color? No, it can black and white.

I. One of the most Frequently Asked Question about our school and our 16 Hr CE program is : “Are you a  legitimate school and CE provider?

The answer is: Yes we are!!!

I’d assembled some resources together for you as follow:

1. You can look us up on www.myfloridalicense.com

2. Current DBPR Provider (PVD300) License Directly on government website.

3.  Our School License by Florida Department of Education:

CNBS State License- 16 HR CE Cosmetology Florida
CNBS State License- 16 Hr CE Cosmetology

4. Our Fiticious Name filing with Sunbiz

5. Occupational License with the city of Avon Park, FL

6.  Tax Collector’s info

7. Copyrighted Certificate of the 16 Hr CE for cosmetology

8. Facebook Page

9. Google search

I can dig up more like light bills, telephone bills, cable bills and advertising.  However, I hope the above references would be enough proof of us working hard to earn your business. I hope for your business.

Thank You,

Tung (Tommy) Nguyen

II. Why is my license status unchanged after taking the course? This is my first time Renewing so is this course all i have to do to renew license?

The answer is if your license is active but is expiring, renew your license by complete the following:

  1. Complete your 10 Hr continue education requirement. (which is what this website is all about.)
  2. Pay DBPR their Renewal fee. ( This goes to the state to print your license, maintain your license…etc). Most licenses expire in October 31 of each year. The renewal cycle will open around July of each year. You can do it online with your dbpr login.

III. What if my license is expired?

If your license is delinquent/active, this could happen if you did not do your 10 Hr CE or did not pay the renewal fee in time. If you did not do your 10 Hr CE but paid DBPR their fees in time, Complete the CE and you will receive your license. If you did the 10 HR CE, but did not pay the dbpr then you need to pay not only the renewal fee but also a late fee to dbpr. Finally if you did not do anything, then you need to do your 10 Hr CE, pay renewal and pay the late fee.

If your license is null/void, u need to complete the Cosmo 7 Application and 4-Hr HIV/AIDS Course and along with all the application fees involve.

IV. I Finished my test and paid but why is my CE credit not in on my DBPR account?

Answer: It is very RARE that I would had missed reporting your record but I am human so it could happen. I could had missed a digit or you could had enter a wrong license number. Please know that your CE should be in your DBPR account no later than Five (5) working days MAX. I try my best to report them in 24 hrs time once you had taken and paid for your test. DBPR will take another 24-48hrs to update it to your account. Before you call me there is a chance you are in the wrong screen. Please see below images.

If you see this screen above: your license is renewed and your CE is already in!
Change the renewal period and hit SEARCH and you will see your CE Credit reported by our school.